Weathercasting 101

Weathercasting 101

Weathercasting 101: The Chromakey Wall
The following are a set of simple rules to remember when weathercasting:

Stand 2-3ft. from the chromakey wall. Standing too close to the wall may cause you to cast a shadow on the chromakey, disturbing the graphics and causing a "fuzzy" gray image behind you. By stepping a few feet from the wall you also force yourself to turn back to look at the monitors, making it seem more like you're actually seeing graphics behind you.

Stay away from the wall!

When in front of the wall, make sure you turn your body as you point. Motioning with your whole body toward the wall helps to draw the viewer's attention to the area that you want them to look. Turning your whole body also makes it seem more like you're looking back at the wall, not the monitors.

Make sure you smile often when in front of the camera. A pleasant smile not only makes you more personable to the audiance but also helps to convey confidence. Viewers will be more likely to trust and come back to a confident meteorologist.

The show must go on!

Problems will often arise while on-air. Lights will blow out, computers will crash and freeze, and phones will ring. The important thing is to keep going no matter what. To make sure our weathercasters are always prepared, off camera crews often create distractions during the show to see how the on-camera person deals with them.

Remember to learn and pay close attention to your time cues. Making sure that your segment lasts the correct amount of time will allow the whole show to run much smoother. By using only the time allowed you make sure that others that come after you also get the right amount of time for their segments and don't have to rush or stall.

1 minute remaining, Elizabeth!


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