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FSU Weather is a 30-minute show produced and performed by FSU students, giving them the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to become professional weathercasters. Students appearing on FSU Weather have already completed MET3940 Weathercasting or are far enough in MET3940 that they are ready for the challenges of live television. FSU Weather airs live Monday through Friday at 6:30 - 7:00 pm and is rebroadcast at 11 pm on Comcast cable channel 4. Channel 4FSU serves Leon, Wakulla, and eastern Gadsden counties. (Tallahassee is located in Leon County.) Our studio is located in th Meteorology Department.

FSU alumni work as weathercasters at stations around the country (including chief meteorologists Janice Huff, WNBC, New York, Dallas Raines, KABC, Los Angeles, and Bryan Norcross of Hurricane Andrew fame), at The Weather Channel (currently Stephanie Abrams and Rich Johnson, and three others in the past), and in non-broadcasting activities, including research. We even include brief weather segments in Spanish on FSU Weather, and three graduates now work as Spanish-language weathercasters: Ariel Rodriguez and Denise Isaac at Telemundo affiliates and Irene Sans at the WSI Corporation.

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